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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Sierra IC©. strives to be a world leading independent distributor specialist offering integrated circuits, active, passive, connector, electromechanical, and discrete components.
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World Leading Independent Distributor with Quality and Experience you can trust, Guaranteed!

Purchase from our Online Catalog of Millions of Active and Passive Electronic Components from over 750+ manufacturers. Our staff has the experience to help your company with any and all electronic component needs. We set the bar high for quality components, fast delivery, and great customer service. At Sierra IC©, we have positioned ourselves to become a valued associate in your company's supply chain; whether you're looking for obsolete semiconductors or allocated items, Sierra IC© is your partner!

We have the available inventory for just in time deliveries as well as scheduled orders up to a year in advance and everything in between. We accept all major credit cards and offer net terms for qualified customers. Our online Search Tool allows for online ordering and requesting quotes for over 30 million line items of electronic components. From A-Z we have the stock you need.

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